Instructor Guide

Most frequent questions and answers

The Good DEI LMS allows you to create courses in a very user friendly way. Simply click on the “Add New Course” button to get started

All you have to do is follow the course hierarchy and add components as you go.

Course Title

This is the main identifier of the course. Make sure to keep this informative and concise.

Course Slug

Automatically populated to assist with archiving courses.

About Course

This is a brief description of the course and its contents. You can describe the topics included in the course, along with any additional quizzes, assignments and resources.

Course Settings

You can customize quite a few attributes of a course, such as difficulty and maximum number of students (great if using Zoom).


Each course must have a Category. To make Category suggestions please email

Course Price

This is the best part. Name your price. Select either “Free” or “Paid” and enter your price.

Course Thumbnail

Give your course an intro image by adding a thumbnail. This will ensure your course displays well in the Course Catalog. Recommended Size: 700×430 pixels. Files Supported: jpg, .jpeg,. gif, or .png.

Course Intro Video

You can optionally use an intro video to tell members what your course is about.

Course Builder

Course will have Topics, and Topics can have Lessons and Quizzes. There can be multiple quizzes and lessons inside a single topic.

Add New Topic

Give your Topic a name and provide a quick description.

Add New Topic: This button will take you to the topic creation menu where you can give the topic a name and summary. There are tips to guide you through the process. Once you’ve added the required information, you can start adding lessons and quizzes from the buttons below the corresponding topics.


The majority of your course content will be in a Lesson. 

Lesson: Each lesson has a titledescription, and optional featured image.


  • Video Source: Similar to the intro video, you can add external or internal video sources. After adding the video, update video playback time in the required field. 
  • Upload Attachments: You can also upload attachments from the course to the lesson. Once you’re done, click on “Update Lesson”.


In the Quiz section is similar to other sections. Add a Quiz to a Lesson by clicking +Quiz. Give your Quiz a title and a brief summary. You can then create your Quiz by selecting your question type and completing the settings for that question.

Zoom Integration

You can hold live lessons by integrating your Zoom account. This is a great option if you want to deliver a live group course.

Additional Data

Use additional data to further market your courses and inform members about what to expect.

Course Benefits

Explain the knowledge and skills members will gain from completing your course.

Target Audience

Make it easy for members to relate to your course.

Course Duration

Specify how long it will take to complete the course.

Materials Included

Further explain any attachments or resources provided.


Provide any special requirements or instructions i.e. a Zoom login or reliable internet connection.

You can create an unlimited number of courses. 

Each course is assigned a category to help our members identify the course content. If you’d like to suggest a category, please email

The course should be as long as necessary for you to convey the message. You’re in control. Add videos, documents, presentations, and visual aids to make each course more engaging.

Each member receives $2,000-$15,000 to spend on courses. In the future, we plan to introduce live training, where members can use those funds towards private in-person and virtual sessions with you. Until then, we encourage you to create at least one FREE COURSE and to price your courses according to the value members will receive from completing it.

We’d recommend a floor price of $99

All payments will be made using PayPal. You can enter your PayPal email address using the Settings in your Dashboard.

Please email for assistance.